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**This will work on Lightroom 5 and Creative Cloud (CC)** Review: The Lightroom 4 Presets System & Digital DVD from SLR Lounge is a selection of 216 Presets including 189 Develop Presets, 27 Brush Presets, and a nearly 6 hour electronic DVD featuring over 40 video lessons to teach you just how to get the most from this system! We are convinced that this is the ideal Lightroom 4 Preset System available. It is intended to not only be powerful enough to produce any consequence, but also intuitive enough to reach them in only a couple clicks saving you ship plenty of time! We polled Lightroom 4 Preset System users requesting what they’d have expected to cover this system. Replies ranged from $250 — $500+. We need all our products to not just be amazing, but in addition a strong value. So we are making the SLR Lounge Lightroom 4 Preset System + Downloadable Digital DVD available for just $99! Presently, Post Production Pye can cull, organize, and place produce in the rate of nearly images with only a mouse and computer keyboard, and images per hour using simply a mouse, touchscreen computer keyboard, along with the SLR Lounge Lightroom 4 Preset System. Note: The digital download incorporates large exercise files and HD video documents that include up to several gigabytes. For those with slower internet FREE Slr Lounge Lightroom Presets connections, this need long download times. In these situations, we suggest that you let the downloads run fast or you simply purchase the physical copy. Features: Basic Color Correction & Faux HDR Processing Vintage Fades and Washes Black and White and Antique Efects Tilt Alter and Toy Camera Specific Effects Detail Enhancing & Portrait Retouching Quality/Usability: This review is based off of the electronic download (gigabytes). All photographers nowadays use Adobe Lightroom (or comparable software) for all post-processing of images. There are presets that are already included with the program or there are a few which are readily available to download for free and some you will have to pay for. Those which are included are often useless. You can even create your own when you’ve got the time. You may obtain the DVD but if you are purchasing the electronic files and downloading from SLR Lounge’s server, the combined file size is a 7. 41GB! The files are all in zip file are extracted, each folder includes its own specific instructions about the best way best to use the documents and how to put in the presets into Lightroom. The installation is quite easy and even comes with a video explaining more in depth on the best way to install the new presets. When You have purchased/downloaded that the presets, setup is pretty Simple and straight-foward


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