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That said the term "paid review" doesn’t strictly mean someone handed NL money to get a score. The press wants access and companies give access to favorable organizations.

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The game is plagued with technical issues, it runs at 30fps despite looking incredibly unimpressive, framedrops slow down the entire game. If you tell me the Wild Area looks impressive when we have Xenoblade and Breath of The Wild running in the same console I have to say you are equivocated.

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I mean when a game runs like crap and has less content than previous versions yet scores higher you really have to wonder. @quinnyboy58 I think it’s due to the length of the game’s and most reviews coming off as lukewarm despite high scores. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but I have ironically seen more angry defenders of these games than the people upset.

If you tell me the battles look amazing I also have to differ due to how often poor animations and backgrounds break the immersion. And yes, you can point out its Pokemon and all the bellyaching is irrelevant and you should just buy it and have fun. I think it’s a valid concern to question whether or not the stuff culled from the series for these titles makes it worth $60.00. I am not willing to buy a half baked game that isn’t gonna give me my money’s worth based on its past or its name. Looking forward to playing it with my daughter, who is eagerly awaiting it for Christmas.

I’d argue that the quality of the experience is what matters, rather than its length. But it had the potential to be revolutionary and epic, and push the boundaries of Pokemon where they’ve never been. As a series, Pokemon has been taking baby-steps away from its top down grid based pixelated beginnings since Black and White in the DS, and has remained the darling of Nintendo’s handhelds. This entry brought the opportunity to cast off the shackles of its handheld past and prove itself as nothing less than a full-fat, home console epic.

I had aged out of these quite some time ago, but it’s great to revisit them with her. We had about 50 hours into Lets Go over about 6 months of player, hopefully this one gets us even more time.

Finding out that dealbreaking issues actually aren’t that bad should make the game look more positive to me. But they don’t if I happen to read downloading file from dropbox them in a review after official sources take a more "deal with it" stance. The thing is by now Pokemon games shouldn’t had to rely on one save file anymore especially if they are coming to home console like the Switch. @NIN10DOXD Both Link’s Awakening and LM3 are around the same mark, at the same price point, and they are some of the best games I have played.


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