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Its seeds and leaves are common ingredients in dishes from the Indian subcontinent where it is called methi. Also used in traditional medicine, fenugreek can increase the risk for serious medical side effects, though its culinary use is usually believed to be safe. Fenugreek is not approved or recommended for clinical use by any governmental health agency. We urge health care professionals and patients to report side effects involving testosterone products to the FDA MedWatch program, using the information in the “Contact FDA” box at the bottom of the page. Prior research concerning the effects of testosterone on bone has been inconclusive.

  • None of the active ingredients that are consisted of in Nugenix are of an issue from a drug test perspective.
  • FDA-approved testosterone formulations include gels, solution, skin patch, intramuscular injection, pellets implanted under the skin, and a buccal system applied to the upper gum or inner cheek.
  • For most networks, however, supporting a few concurrent activities without affecting the performance of the app is impossible.
  • “The most important thing that I would express is that if you have ED, it’s best that you see a doctor to rule out more serious health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes,” Bloom said.
  • All of which are generally well-regarded for their ability to enhance sexual function.
  • [ ] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration cautions that prescription testosterone products are approved only for men who have low testosterone levels caused by certain medical conditions.

Testofen is the name given to an herbal extract of fenugreek. The testofen compound is said to naturally boost testosterone levels. If you constantly experience low testosterone levels and struggle with the side effects, you may consider this product, which hardly poses any health risks.

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Mega Men from GNC is a reasonably comprehensive supplement with 30 ingredients, some of which overlap with TestoFuel’s ingredients label. There is a wide array of T-boosting supplements available, and some even offer blends similar to TestoFuel. As hormone levels are tightly regulated by a variety of systems within your body, treating low levels should be done under the supervision of a medical professional. You may be more at risk for the unwanted side effects of elevated T, though there does not seem to be evidence that TestoFuel’s ingredients will boost T into an unsafe range. This rare nutrient works to improve blood clotting as well as bone and heart health.

It works because the specific combination of saponins that work to stimulate the production of androgens, or male hormones. However, it is the ONLY thing I have changed in my supplements in the past 2 weeks, and I feel like I had been spinning my wheels in the gym for a month prior. I now notice an undeniable difference in recovery time and stamina right about at week 2. I should know by now that these products are just taking advantage of all the men that have problems with erectile dysfunction but I still keep believing the claims. He didn’t have a bad experience, he just didn’t have any experience because it didn’t do anything. Serious side effects were not reported in research examining the effects of fenugreek and tribulus, though mild digestive symptoms may occur.


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The most famous side effect for fenugreek and fenugreek products is that it can give users a sweet body odor that some people compare to maple syrup or peanut butter. The only publically available study that has demonstrated that Testofen is successful for increasing T-levels was sponsored by a manufacturer of fenugreek products. Every other neutral study returned results that showed some mild health benefits, none of which were related to testosterone function. A blood test is the only way to diagnose a low testosterone level or a reduction in the bioavailability of testosterone.

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